Roll Away the Stone

Welcome to the blog page of our website. My name is Scott Jones, an Episcopal priest/pastor and church planter. I am gathering a new Christian community in the Town of Gilbert, Arizona named Resurrection Episcopal Church.

Planting a church is a new experience for me. So is writing a blog. Both of these endeavors have been something I’ve thought about doing for years (actually church planting is call, more on that in future posts). But it hasn’t been the right timing…until now. And maybe now, during this early stage of building up a new congregation in Christ’s church, is the time to extend our reach out in the world through a blog.

So here we are. But what do I write about? I don’t really want to use forum this to post my sermons, debate the great theological or spiritual questions of faith, or speak about larger issues in the church. These subjects are better articulated by those who are more gifted and knowledgeable than I am. I would also like it to be something other than just a forum that repeats or passes on someone else’s educational or entertaining information. Instead, I desire to have an interactive conversation with my readers on the subject of starting a new church, and I want to do that by inviting you to share in my journey of growing this new congregation.

Through this blog I plan to open up my experiences to the audience. The good, the bad and the ugly. I want to share with you the process of starting a new church from the perspective of someone who’s working at it each day. I want you to feel our joy, read about our struggles, empathize with my frustrations, celebrate our successes and return to me your encouragement and wisdom. I want you to see how God works through a messy process that is more art than science. I want you to understand my personal spiritual passions, why I must do this, and I hope you may be able to relate to our journey in ways that will help you to get in touch with your own spiritual journey and passions.

To use an image from the Resurrection story in the Bible, like the stone that was rolled away from the entrance of the empty tomb of Jesus to reveal the mystery of new life that conquers even death, I hope to “roll away the stone” revealing the mysteries behind establishing a new church community whose mission is to bring the new life promised by Christ’s Resurrection to the community of Gilbert.

I invite you to come along. Interested?


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